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Peterborough Chiropractor : Dr. Peter Drysdale

Dr. Peter Drysdale

Dr. Peter Drysdale

I was born and raised in Peterborough. I have always been active and involved in sports and have had a passion for healthy living. When my older sister became a chiropractor I was inspired to follow in her footsteps. Although I had never been to a chiropractor, I was drawn to the profession because of its focus on optimizing heath and performance naturally. Through my chiropractic journey I have discovered that chiropractic is so much more. It has become my passion and I can’t imagine life without it.

In 2006 I suffered a severe shoulder and neck injury from a mountain bike crash. The consequences threatened both my health and my career. I can truly credit chiropractic care for the full function of my shoulder despite permanent structural damage.

I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Kingston. Following graduation, driven by my love for skiing, I moved to Whistler, BC. What I had planned to be one season turned into two and a half decades on the west coast. After returning to Toronto for four years, I graduated form the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1997. I immediately returned to the west and ran successful practices in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton.

In 2008 I met my wife Ange who is also a chiropractor and has strong connections to Peterborough. After our two daughters were born, a move back home to be closer to family was a frequent topic of conversation. This year the stars aligned and we are ecstatic to be back in Peterborough. We are looking forward to the next chapter in our careers and adventure for our family.

My approach to chiropractic care differs form what many people expect or may have experienced before. My primary method of spinal adjustment is called Torque Release Technique. In addition to listening to your concerns and obtaining a detailed health history, I utilize the latest technology to identify what is happening with your health and measure your progress throughout your care. Torque Release chiropractic care looks at the overall tension on the nervous system and utilizes reflexes to determine where to adjust. This approach aims to identify the underlying cause of the problem and utilizes a small, comfortable instrument to make the correction.

I see chiropractic care as a lifestyle strategy that helps us perform at our best in all aspects of life. For me personally, it has enabled me to perform at a high level physically in the recreational activities that I enjoy while avoiding injury. It also helps me perform at my best cognitively, as a result, I’m able to do my best work. Chiropractic care helps in my home life and my relationships because of the benefits to my emotional well-being. For my family, chiropractic is a strategy to help our two amazing daughters be as healthy as possible and develop optimally. It is these types of benefits that I am passionate about sharing with my community.

When not working I will be spending time with my family. We love to be out in nature and my personal passions are skiing, cycling, running and tennis.

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