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New Patient Reviews

Dr. Brad Listens Intently

I am very happy with the expert care that I have received. Dr. Brad listens intently and has provided me with more relief from pain than I have had in the last 2 months.

-Wendy S.

Spinal Column and Nervous System

Dr. Catherine Owens and staff member Bonnie made my first visit to a Chiropractor a very positive experience. Dr. Owens took the time necessary to answer all my questions and educate me on the Spinal Column and Nervous system. She provided me with the knowledge regarding my condition and preformed a spinal adjustment that had me feeling immediately better. Her patience and professional approach, along with the welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk in, is such a comfort and greatly appreciated.

-Donna C.

Loving the Treatments

Love the acupuncture treatments as well as chiropractic treatments. Staff and doctors are amazing!

-Tracy S.

Client Centered Practice

A well developed orientation to the office and logistics, a through and informative assessment and a great adjustment. I left feeling better physically and appreciate the client centered practice. Thank you!

-Kim D.

Excellent Service Right From The Start!

Dr. Brad Wild has been excellent right from the first visit! I have been to a couple other chiropractors in the past when I have hurt my back and after seeing Dr. Wild my typical recovery time has been drastically reduced, I have a very physical job so when I do have issues I need to get back in shape as quick as I can. I would recommend him to anyone!

-Ian C.

Pleasant Experience

Dr. Owens is very patient and kind and she was able to adjust me in a way that put my mind at ease. I loved the use of essential oils during the appointment. It helped me to relax and made for an even more pleasant experience. Thank you for a wonderful first appointment!

-Tiffany S.

Passion And Kindness

The passion and kindness that Dr. Owen’s exemplifies in her practice is amazing. She really took the time to sit down and talk with me, not only about my well being and my treatment goals but also about my personal life and career aspirations. I always enjoy going to the chiropractors because I always feel better when I leave but Dr. Owens took the time to example to me and show me the difference that she was making in my well-being and the proper functioning of my body.

-Emily K.

Great Confidence

I have great confidence in placing my health needs in Dr. Owens skillful hands. She impressed me greatly with her knowledge, listening skills and as a first time client, I found her professional yet warm demeanor to be very reassuring.

-Tracey W.

The Best Experience

I have been to a number of chiropractic clinics and they were all quite good. This Chiropractic Clinic however was the best experience I have had. The atmosphere was open and inviting and I found the staff informed and genuine. I feel confident that I am in good hands here. Thank you.

-Kate K.

Professional And Efficient

Professional and efficient! I look forward to being a part of your practice.

-Candice G.


Thanks for a wonderful appointment. I look forward to many more.

-Jody M.

Very Welcoming

Very welcoming, professional, comfortable and informative. Looking forward to feeling and being well.

-Sue W.

Caring Staff

Excellent information caring staff and doctor. I have been to other chiropractors before and this experience was far superior.

-Laura O.


With so much gratitude, thank you for your generosity and compassion! Looking forward to continuing this journey.

-Erin S.

Great Healing Place

Love being back. Thanks for being there. Great healing place.

-Sheila O.

Best Chiropractor Ever

In my opinion the best chiropractor I have ever seen. The treatment my husband and I receive is superior to what we have experienced over the past 20 years with other practitioners. I recommend her most highly.

-Donna M.

I Loved My Experience

I loved my experience here! Dr. Owens is the best chiropractor, by far, that I have ever been to. Dr. Owens really takes the time to assess you and is so caring! To top off the amazing visit was her secretary Bonnie, who is so friendly and does the best I’ve ever seen a secretary do at her job. You can really tell she is a great support to Dr. Owens, and she really made the visit here a good one to say the least. Thank you both so much, for all your help to me, and ultimately the baby! I know we are in good hands. I would definitely recommend Dr. Owens to all my family and friends. Overall it was a 10/10 experience.

-Sharon H.